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Simonsvlei Zenzela Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 3 Liter Box

Simonsvlei Zenzela Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 3 Liter Box

€ 15,90

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Simonsvlei was established in 1945 by a group of creative, consulting wine farmers, orginally introduced to the region by French Huguenot families. The group consulted on methods of producing wines of quality on a large and sustainable level, the efforts of which gave rise to Simonsvlei. Simonslvei is named after Simon van der Stel, the creator of the South African wine industry where the word "vlei" refers to the wetlands in the area. Governor of the Cape at the time, whilst being instrumental in the industry, Simon van der Stel was intuitive to know that the cool microclimate of Simonsvlei would be conducive to winemaking. Cooling winds blowing in over the wetlands towards Simonsvlei provide natural, idyllic cool conditions for the wines stored in the cellar.

To this day original co-founder Sonny le Roux remains dedicated to the objective of producing wines of great quality at inexpensive prices. As a result, Simonsvlei has become synonomous with achieving just that. Through the guidance of the celebrated figure, Oom Sarel, Simonsvlei has taken great strides in winemaking in the industry.