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Stony Brook Ghost Gum 2008

Stony Brook Ghost Gum 2008

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Less than an hour's drive from Cape Town, nestled in the picturesque valley of Franschhoek, lies the boutique, familly-owned vineyards of Stony Brook.

Owners Nigel and Joy McNaught and son Craig, the resident winemaker at Stony Brook, focus on the production of premium quality wines in low volumes. Viticultural and Vinicultural practises incorporated at Stony Brook aim to express the unique micro climate of the farm, located in the southern-most tip of Franschhoek, whilst satisfying the family's adoration of quality wines.

The recently constructed tasting facility, located next to the cellar, overlooks a fifty year old Ghost Gum tree after which the flagship wine of Stony Brook is named. "Ghost Gum" is a Cabernet Sauvignon driven Bordeaux stlye red blend which is aged for 32 months in new French oak barrels. The wine has achieved international acclaim bearing testimony to the quality of Stony Brook.